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    Intelligent manufacturing is starting a new round of stainless steel elbow wave of technological innovation
    Created Date: :2016-07-15 15:09:24
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    As to the ethical problems of artificial intelligence, robot can't replace the human work, people can turn instead to cooperate with robots, complete more creative work. The stainless steel elbow

    "In the field of artificial intelligence, from the world's cutting-edge level and the gap in our country. So, we hope that we can through the introduction of some foreign advanced thoughts, give you some popularity." Cham xiao-hui Chen lu culture, founder and President, said that since three years ago, he was already in the planning of the robot and the artificial intelligence of ling, in order to be able to do much more professional, he has formed a special combined the Chinese society of artificial intelligence expert committee, by the Chinese academy of engineering de-yi li served as chairman of the committee, brought together a group of artificial intelligence experts for the books.

    Today, intelligent robotics and artificial intelligence is no longer stay in phase, but the fresh air, is becoming the industry set off a wave of a new round of technological innovation. Against this background, recently, by the Chinese society of artificial intelligence, cham lu culture and sea silver joint capital held a "dancing with the robot, artificial intelligence in the era of big future" reading salon, offer the industry players and experts and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence, discuss the content of the "dancing with the robot" value, share the status quo of robots and the development of artificial intelligence, and discusses the ethical problems of artificial intelligence.

    Institute of Beijing university of technology institute of electric control and artificial intelligence robot agree on is the deputy director of the work, he thought: "the future, the Internet of things, big data, such as robots and the cloud concept to fuses in together, the Internet is support for robot, artificial intelligence for robots is also support, need to do together.

    Artificial intelligence and intelligent strengthen the concept of many scenes of the two are together, is complementary to each other, and constantly promote the process of development. The current trend indicates that in order to achieve this goal, the future need to artificial intelligence, robot and the Internet together. "Consumers expectations of artificial intelligence is very high, but in fact, the ability in industry and academia, and transition, etc., artificial intelligence is far from reach this height. Everyone is talking about the '+' Internet today, believe that there will be more people see the '+' artificial intelligence.

    "Dancing with the robot the book's most valuable place lies in the contents of the comprehensive." Ta technology founder, huang said, "this is likely to be in I have seen about scientific and technological development, particularly about artificial intelligence book, content is the most comprehensive one." In huang's view, the next industrial revolution may be the robot revolution. "I think China has the opportunity to participate in the fourth industrial revolution, of course, this depends on our completion of the system, mechanism reform.

    Current trends indicate that the future need to artificial intelligence, robot and Internet together. Today everyone is talking about "Internet +", believe that there will be more people see the "+" artificial intelligence.

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