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    Stainless steel elbow, faces a difficult transformation of non-ferrous metals industry
    Created Date: :2016-07-15 15:07:48
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    Due to various aspects of risk concentration, risks and challenges in the development of the non-ferrous metal industry also will increase, lead to the non-ferrous metal industry into the difficult transition period. As the dollar continue to strengthen, the domestic economy downward pressure of macroeconomic environment, non-ferrous metal prices are low lead to domestic and foreign market trend will continue for a long time. The stainless steel elbow

    At the same time, enterprises should strengthen self-discipline, independent adopt measures to limit production, production. To actively promote non-ferrous metals industry enterprise cross-regional, cross-trade and cross economic types of merger and reorganization, to accelerate the superior enterprises focus resources, improve industrial concentration. "Said Zhao Wuzhuang analysis, accelerate the annexation and reorganization of enterprises is the important measure of non-ferrous metals industry structure adjustment. In particular, in the process of disposal of" zombie "companies, to adhere to the principle of capacity replacement, merger and reorganization, less closed or bankrupt, achieving effective transformation of resources, assets." This is not only the inevitable choice to maintain their own interests, and to restore the market basic balance between supply and demand, the fight against speculative capital malicious short active as of non-ferrous metals futures.

    Measures by China nonferrous metals industry association, the economic daily industry climate index research center and the national bureau of statistics of China's economic prosperity monitoring center regularly non-ferrous metal industry jointly compiled by the monthly climate index, according to a report in December 2015, classics in nonferrous metal industry climate index is 11.3, is recovered slightly last month, but still run within the range of "cold", the weakness of the non-ferrous metal industry development situation in the short term will be difficult to reverse.

    In addition, should actively carry out international industrial cooperation. Using the China non-ferrous metal smelting, processing technology, capital, management advantages, accelerate the international cooperation capacity, realize the multinational transfer, comprehensively improve enterprise international operation ability, the industry a new development space.

    Overall non-ferrous metal industry in China are all in the mid-range of the division of the international industrial chain link, the industrial transformation and upgrading of the task is imminent. This can not only form the non-ferrous metals industry current effective investment, but also to form of non-ferrous metals enterprises long-term growth engine. To clear the direction of the further development of nonferrous metals industry, relying on technological innovation, to speed up the technical transformation, development of deep processing, encourage enterprises to speed up the pace of technical innovation, to develop air with aluminum, ocean with titanium, zirconium material for nuclear power use, a new generation of information technology, functional materials and other high-end product support, in the industry to high-end transformation and upgrading of the cross.

    Zhao Wuzhuang argues that, in 2016, China nonferrous metals industry structural adjustment of key in "ban, retreat, subtract, and, turning,". On the one hand, to ban the domestic non-ferrous metal smelting and general processing the blind expansion of production capacity; To speed up the lack of competitiveness, on the other hand, the capacity of pulling out of the market. For long-term losses, the turnround hopeless and difficult to exit the enterprise, through annexation reorganization and bankruptcy for disposal in accordance with the law.

    There are many factors which can inhibit the non-ferrous metal industry recovery. Downturn, the investment demand and supply side overcapacity and international commodity prices were low, and many other factors, non-ferrous metal prices fall further, enterprise economic benefits continues to decline, industry profit margins also hit its lowest level since new century, which makes the non-ferrous metal industry under downward pressure increasing.

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