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    Aluminum, stainless steel
    Created Date: :2016-07-15 14:59:23
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    Since 2008 the international financial crisis, falling fast and increasingly severe market environment, the aluminum prices until today aluminum "winter", in the aluminum industry in China has ups and downs in the market spent one year, our aluminium also dissolve the crisis one after another, can think of it, after these things in the past these crises for China aluminum industry is not totally a bad thing. The stainless steel elbow

    Can in time of peace prepare for war, don't worry is the enterprise long-term, stable development should have positive attitude, but also the cornerstone of enterprise development.

    "Cold winter" of Chinese aluminum industry, the pros and cons of each has, crisis can destroy the enterprise not only, also can dig out more potential. Crisis has prompted the Chinese aluminum enterprises to deepen reform, also let more aluminum companies become more powerful, to say the industry crisis once again reminded constantly chinalco "carefully", also make the chinalco people again and again to recognize their own shortcomings and the insufficiency.

    By once a time of crisis exercise more aluminum enterprises, also make the aluminum companies in the world with the position of unshakeable foundations and advantages, whether to buy overseas or directly in the mineral ore resource-rich regions direct investment, China outstanding in aluminum prices is in crisis and buck the trend, develop the brilliant achievements in the enterprise in the crisis has taken a different strategy and tactics, but promoted the Chinese aluminum industry based on the world and among the peers.

    Enterprise, the industry experienced ups and downs is not terrible, terrible is after wind and rain but can't learn more experience and lessons, chinalco is more to a crisis in time of peace prepare for war, as long as the industry is still in development, as long as the company is also in the business, or incurring losses is normal phenomenon, it is important to summarize experience from the loss and keep the progress from the profit.

    Crisis also let more "high consumption" aluminum companies realize that authors efficiency is the enterprise for the future development of the throat. When large production profits while driving the great development of Chinese aluminum enterprises, but also encourage some of the enterprises in vulgar production management. Whether it needs in the production of raw materials costs, or other materials, etc, all have no need in the production of as the amount of aluminum enterprises make great progress, and let more aluminum people realize the importance of the efficiency of authors, brilliant promoted the enterprise open source throttling, the market downturn and reversed transmission enterprise authors synergies, already accomplished today, chinalco, chinalco will achievement tough in the future.

    Industry crisis is at the source of checking again and again the Chinese aluminum enterprises' growing situation. In 2005 and 2006, both in alumina industry and electrolytic aluminium industry has reached the aluminum industry the most brilliant peak, however, the success and huge profits of the aluminium industry caused a lot of money, circling and scrambled to join this industry, so the production capacity expansion, the neo-treasure hill emerge in endlessly, even failed to take effect, real time control file can not control the capacity of eventually lead to the crisis once again, but it is this time and time again industry crisis contained the vigorous situation of the aluminium industry from the source, thereby reducing the bigger loss caused due to the severe excess growth.

    Time and time again the crisis is constantly alert and rapid development of China aluminum industry, which is relative to the "quantity", "quality" is the future of the development of China's aluminium industry, is the goal of the aluminum should be. Although China's aluminum production in a few years time has jumped to the world, but our production is all some low-end products at the most, or even primary products and raw material products, these products not only large investment, high energy consumption, and low profits, for example, the same quality of aluminium, if be deep processing into air device, etc. High content of science and technology of mechanical parts, the prices are much higher than we provide stock prices, visible "quality" is crucial for China's aluminium industry.

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