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    Service commitment 
    1.if by this company product quality problem, a "bag adjustment, specific handset" service; 
    2.received weight information feedback, 24 hours to give customer satisfaction answer, domestic 3 working days arrived at the scene, foreign users a telephone/fax/E-mail reply within 12 hours. 
    3.with cargo offer: factory inspection certificate/certificate of quality/inspection report provides accessories, provide installation, commissioning service and consulting for large projects, according to the technical contract/standards for production, testing, and cooperate with the customers guidance in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system management control, strictly in accordance with the contract, the standard supply. 
    Service statement
    Customers in the use of process such as the discovery of the product cannot be used properly, can to the company sales service consulting, and clarify the contract number, delivery time, implement standard, specification, material, use environment, fault and relevant details. 
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