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    The goal of enterprise 
    Shape consumer favorite brand 
    Management idea 
    The production high quality products, services, home of the world 
    Enterprise tenet 
    Create value for customers, create profits for the enterprise, create future for employees, creating wealth for the society 
    The spirit of enterprise 
    Integrity, teamwork, innovation and beyond 
    Brand appeal 
    To quality as a fundamental SUNBAOGUANG stainless steel has been the practice of the enterprise to the foundation of original intention, forming the unique, highly the vitality of enterprises culture. This is the new bao guang stainless steel people constantly transcend self, dares to innovate, to struggle for the ideal of life, is the driving force behind new bao guang people's spiritual home. 
    Enterprise mission 
    SUNBAOGUANG stainless steel always adhere to the "market-oriented, regard customer as the center" the management idea, and want to constantly through the perfect integration of market, research and development, production and after-sales service to bring you the best product security and customer experience, to be your best partners, and is willing to cooperate with you to "build a harmonious security environmental protection new life". 
    Enterprise culture 
    Enterprise culture is the essence and soul of enterprise development. Grounding the enterprise culture is the enterprise a difficult long-term task for enterprise long-term development is very important. And the establishment of the enterprise culture and the inheritance can keep enterprise behavior and employee's behavior always consistency, make the enterprise and employees become unified whole. SUNBAOGUANG stainless steel enterprise culture, is to constantly inheritance, so as to realize the dual goal of grounding and communication.
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