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         SUNBAOGUANG is an enterprise specializes in producing stainless steel elbows and reducers.Struggling for more than ten years,we accumulated abundant producing experience,specially supplied all kinds of high quality elbows for clients with the idea of Credit Basically and Quality Foremost.Our elbows with a full rage of specification,including assorted lengths and calibers,diversified thickness and angles.
          Our  brand product that adopted superior quality 304 material in production and reflect good quality of anti-rust under severe conditions, proved to be high-grade decoration fitting,received wide favors in coastal area and South-east Asia and accepted as a superior brand by wide clients.
          To better suited to market demand, we create a new brand  carefully selects the high quality stainless steel material production, using the same production process produce high quality flat price of good product, the newly developed "conjoined" with good product appearance, since listing, the product is popular with customers. 
          The SUNBAOGUANG people's policy is NForwarding with the time for pioneering.From elbow to reducer,from round elbow to elliptical elbow,more and more products will come out to meet your need.Welcome to custom design according to sample,New BAOGUANG will do our best for you. 
          We looking forward to working with you and creating a promising future together!
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